The 3 Best Ways To Sell Your Smartphone Online To Make Money

It’s that time of the year. A new phone is about to drop and the new models always have something nice about them that makes us want to upgrade. Phones are getting kind of pricey, so we want to make sure we get the most value out of our smartphone. We have new iPhones coming out once a year and new Samsung phones twice a year. It’s hard to keep up honestly. But we all want the latest and greatest so we’ll be going over the 3 best ways to sell your smartphone online.

1. Selling using eBay and Swappa

Both of eBay and Swappa are great sites to sell your used phones online. You will get great value for your phone on both websites, but there is a bit of a learning curve and some issues you may run into if you have never sold anything on there before.

The thing that is great about eBay and Swappa is that you can list your device at any price you want to sell it for. If it sells for the price you are looking for, great! If not, there are some ways to see if your price is in line with what the market is going for. With eBay, they have a filter on the side under “Show Only” and you can click “Sold Items” to view the recently items sold up to 90 days. This will give you a better idea of how much your device is actually worth and what it has sold for. Swappa has a small section for this as well, but only shows the last 5 sold items. You can view this usually at the bottom of their page under the device you have selected. They also have a small graph that shows the average price of the device sold. You need to click the “pricing” tab on the right side of their page to view this graph and it will give you an idea of what you should list your device for!

Use the sold listings to see what your phone is selling for on eBay

eBay and Swappa are both great options, but there are some things to lookout for.

With high ticket items, this is usually a target for people to try and scam you out of your device. There are lots of different ways that they can try and scam you. The most common scam is change of address. Never send to address that the buyer requests to change. This is against eBay and PayPal policies and you will lose your Seller Protection if you do so. Just make sure you send to the address that was put on the order. For more common eBay scams and how to avoid them, check out this article below.

Selling fees is another issue you may have to deal with if you sell on both of these platforms. If you sell your used phone for $500 on either eBay or Swappa, you never actually see the full $500. Depending on the account you have with eBay, your fees will vary and be up to 10% of the sold listing. Swappa usually has a flat rate depending on the value of the phone. PayPal, your payment gateway is also looking to get a cut. PayPal fees are usually 2.9%, but if you have someone purchase your item that uses an international PayPal account, it will charge you 4.4%. These fees are just apart of selling on these platforms.

With eBay, you can almost sell any smartphone in any condition. You just need to list it properly. If your device has a cracked screen, it just needs to be listed under parts only. Swappa does not allow you to sell devices that have any issues with them. The phone must be fully functional in order for you to list a device on their platform.

While both eBay and Swappa are great platforms to sell your used device online, it can be a bit difficult for someone completely new, and also time consuming if you are busy. That’s why there are still 2 options you have to get the most for your device.

2. Selling on Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two really good platforms you have to sell your used device. Both platforms make it very easy to use. You can post your phone for sale in Craigslist Cell Phone section, or list your phone on Facebook in the Mobile Phones section. Just take a couple of photos and list your price, and you’ll start getting people interested! Sell it to someone locally and get some quick cash!

Post in the for sale Cell Phone section to get people interested in buying your phone

There are also some other apps that you can use to sell your phone such as Offerup, LetGo, 5 Miles, and some other ones. It’s all the same where you would meet with someone at a local spot to buy your phone for cash. It can be a bit dangerous though, meeting a stranger that is trying to buy your phone. So we do want to offer some spots that worked for us when we first started buying and selling.

Since you are selling a high ticket item, there are some people that will try and pull a fast one. We highly suggest that you meet in public areas that is crowded. Your local malls, coffee shops, police stations, or anywhere with cameras will be your best spots to do the transaction.

Selling locally is a great option if you aren’t familiar with creating labels and shipping out your phone. We do want everyone to stay safe though, so if you don’t feel comfortable with selling it locally. We have one more option for you to get the most out of your used smartphone

3. Sell using a trade-in company/site

Selling using a trade-in site is the easiest and safest option than the other 2 listed above. You can get an instant offer and send in your device to get paid after the company inspects the device. It’s more convenient rather than selling on your own, while still getting a fair price.

There are many different trade-in sites online. Most online sites offer similar pricing, but there are a few reasons why people decide to go with CellMyDevice.

  • Great customer service
    We strive to create the best experience for all of our customers. We want to make the process as easy and effortless as possible. Our team responds to any questions or concerns as quick as possible and we keep open communication with our customers throughout the entire inspection process.
  • NO bait & switch pricing
    There are some trade-in sites that are known to have a bait & switch business model. We are not one of those companies. Our prices and conditions are made easy to understand for our customers. We honor all of our prices for up to 7 business days.
  • Fast payments
    Once a device has been delivered, we inspect & pay for the device the same day. There are 2 options, PayPal or Check. You can get paid immediately with PayPal, but they do have a 2.9% fee. If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days, we can mail a check to you instead.

We want you to have the best experience selling your device with us. If you are looking to get started, please contact us by e-mail –